Pre-PA, PA Coaching

Getting into your PA or NP program was tough, but you did it! Now it’s time to land that first job. But how do you know if you’re getting a good deal? It isn’t all about salary. How do you know what fees should and should not be covered? What about malpractice, CME allowances, and productivity? Your first job sets the tone and trajectory of your career. Don’t go it alone. Experienced providers needing to “dust off the old resume” are also welcome as are pre-professional students vying for a seat in their program of choice. ​

If you need advice on getting into PA school or what to do with your career, meet with one of our doctoral PAs for a 1-on-1.

CV and Resume Review

You’ve got a basic idea of how to prepare a resume–but will it land you your dream job? Your potential employer or program wants something called a CV… What is that? This service will help your resume or CV shine! Submit a copy of your rough draft and receive detailed notes on how to improve. This service could also be used to review application materials and the dreaded “Personal Statement”.

Employment Offer Review

We’re not attorneys but we’ll review your employment offer, or letter of intent, with commentary on salary, benefits such as medical, dental, and vision insurance, covered fees, PTO/sick leave, retirement, and malpractice. It also includes the identification of omissions. This picks up where a legal review of your contract leaves off.

Intro to Personal Finance for Professionals

You fought hard for that 401(k) match, now what the heck do you do with it? Do you have life insurance? Do you need life insurance? Should you be paying down student loans or saving for retirement? The answer to all these questions and more with our one-on-one intro to personal finance for professionals.

Got Something Else in Mind?

Are you a physician, hospital, or clinic manager looking to hire a PA or NP but have no idea where to start? Not sure what it might cost or even how such a provider would fit into your office culture? Contact us for a customized package that will help you attract quality practitioners.