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Butler Adds a Bridge to DMS for New Grad PAs

Indianapolis’s Butler University has been offering the Doctor of Medical Science (DMS) for some time now. They’ve recently announced an abbreviated bridge option for new PA grads. 

The DMS at Butler is typically a 50-credit program that allows students to complete the 17 modules at their own pace. Each module lasts 6 weeks. A full-time student can complete the Butler DMS in 9 semesters. All coursework must be completed within 5 and 1/2 years.

Butler’s DMS bridge program focuses on research skills for clinically focused PAs. These 14 credit hours are added to 36 credit hours earned during clinical training in the Master’s PA program.

The first half of the 2 semester, 14-credit bridge is an intensive academic experience with the following courses: Issues in Clinical Practice, Biostatistics, and Research Design. Students are advised not to work during these 7 weeks. The next and final semester of the DMS bridge encompasses the Capstone Project.

Prospective students must have graduated within the previous 6 months and must have passed the PANCE (Physician Assistant National Certifying Examination). 

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