Mid-level is offensive to patients, physicians, and PAs. Stop saying it.

Is the term mid-level provider offensive? Yes, yes it is. And worse yet it’s not an accurate description of the care provided by PAs and NPs. So where did the term mid-level provider or mid-level practitioner come from and what should we be saying instead? Let’s start with the origin of the term itself.

Call Me Medical Care Practitioner? How About Doctor

$21 million is a lot of money especially when it won’t change a single thing about PA practice. Those more important battles would likely have to wait years until a name change is complete. There is a better option. Focus on the future. Focus on becoming, and better yet earning, the title of doctor. Spend that $21 million on untethering PAs and PA Doctors from physicians. “Just say MCP?” Naw, just say Doctor.

Are Physicians Overtrained? Is Physician Assistant Education Enough?

In last month’s issue of JAAPA (Journal of the American Academy of PAs), PAs James Cawley, Richard Dehn, and Dr. Christine Everett discussed whether or not the educational paradigm for primary care providers is changing, an issue already addressed by physician assistant education. The authors raise the question: Are physicians …

According to Science, Physician Assistants Provide Quality Care with Excellent Outcomes

What happens when you analyze 30 million patient visits by Advanced Practice Providers (PAs and NPs)? You discover that they care for the same types of patients as physicians and achieve equivalent or better results.  In 2019, two MDs teamed up for a critical review of 30 research papers on …

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