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Medsembly: One PA’s Dream to Bridge the Gap Between Healthcare Hopefuls and Healthcare Heroes

Mentorship is integral for just about every industry. However, if one sector benefits from mentorship the most, it is healthcare. Given the rigors, responsibilities, and stress healthcare workers face, it is imperative students are well prepared for a career in medicine and I’m on a mission to bridge the gap between students and professionals by helping students achieve their career goals and smoothly transition into healthcare.

How I Got Started in Mentorship

My deep love of mentorship began 15 years ago during my junior year in high school when I started volunteering for Big Brothers Big Sisters of America (BBBS). I mentored elementary-age girls through BBBS throughout high school, followed by doing an internship at a local BBBS office in my senior year of college, and back to mentoring a middle school “little sister” during my gap year of applying to PA school. I credit this role as the fuel that sparked my growing love of mentorship.

Becoming a Physician Assistant Mentor

Upon graduation from physician assistant school in 2016, I started mentoring and advising students who reached out to me with various inquiries on healthcare careers, PA school, and their journey. Eager to help, I dedicated time to offer advice, review applications, and revise personal statements for entrance into PA school, medical school, and nursing programs

Starting Medsembly

During the pandemic, I partnered with physician Ryan Gray, MD, owner of Medical School Headquarters, to host virtual shadowing events for pre-PA students who were unable to get shadowing hours the traditional way. Through these shadowing sessions, I was able to truly gauge just how much students struggled with navigating the sector and how crucial it was to have a mentor. Eager to help as many students and streamline this process, I developed Medsembly, a marketplace that connects aspiring healthcare students to mentors/coaches in their field to offer guidance, advice, and clarity in their healthcare journey.

My dream to help students is unfolding as I prepare to launch Medsembly to iOS and Android stores this April. You can visit our website to learn more about how we are working to facilitate mentorship, create opportunities, and build community in healthcare.

Rodeline Joseph, MMS, PA-C

In addition to her commitment to caring for the sick and injured, Rodeline has a deep passion for mentorship and preparing students for a career in healthcare. Through her many conversations, forums, and talks with students interested in pursuing a career in medicine, she recognized a common trend among students who struggle with pitfalls and hurdles that mirrored her own experiences when applying for and attending PA school. Her urge to bridge the gap between students and medical professionals motivated her to develop Medsembly, a marketplace connecting aspiring healthcare students to mentors and coaches in their fields to help them achieve their respective career goals.

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