Acne or Rosacea? Tips for Diagnosis, Treatment and Crossover

Acne vulgaris and acne rosacea are two common skin conditions that affect adolescents and adults. They’re both inflammatory conditions that can be frustrating to treat for both patients and providers. At times, their presentations can be difficult to differentiate; however, teasing out the differences is important since treatments for acne …

The Truth About Statins in 2021

As a primary care provider, I manage heart disease, high blood pressure, and everything in between. One of the medications I prescribe most often are the statins that lower cholesterol and risk of heart attack and stroke. Statin drugs are not without side effects and they are quite misunderstood and maligned by many. What is the truth about statin drugs?

The Common Thyroid Test Clinicians Should Stop Ordering and Patients Should Stop Requesting

As a primary care PA, I see patients with all sorts of endocrine disorders. While diabetes dominates, thyroid and parathyroid disorders, and hormonal issues are all typical fare. Of all the thyroid patients I see, those with low or hypothyroid, make up the majority. Rarely do I refer to an …

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