Call Me Medical Care Practitioner? How About Doctor

$21 million is a lot of money especially when it won’t change a single thing about PA practice. Those more important battles would likely have to wait years until a name change is complete. There is a better option. Focus on the future. Focus on becoming, and better yet earning, the title of doctor. Spend that $21 million on untethering PAs and PA Doctors from physicians. “Just say MCP?” Naw, just say Doctor.

Does the PA Profession Have a 2030 Expiration Date?

Physician assistants (PA) are number #1 in healthcare, so getting a job for an experienced PA should be super simple. Right? Maybe not always. My personal awakening to the looming problems in the physician assistant profession came in 2018. I had always enjoyed an easy time finding a position, and …

Become a Doctor of Medical Science at Southern Illinois University

November 5, 2020 The Southern Illinois (SIU) School of Medicine announced last month that they’ll soon be offering a new Doctor of Medical Science (DMSc) degree starting in 2021. The new degree will be offered along with SIU’s Physician Assistant program. “The Doctor of Medical Science program will have a …

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