Sage Advice for a New Cadre of PAs

You have just completed an arduous course of study which has demanded a lot of sacrifices: study, financial cost, neglected friendships, and delayed marriage plans. The initial goal was just to graduate; now you are required to take a certification examination to determine if all of your hard work was fruitful. When the large envelope arrives with your certification from the NCCPA you are then ready to start. Correct? No! Now you will now need to make more decisions that determine your future. And these decisions are just as complex as your clinical training.

Identifying Physician Assistant Financial Literacy

Congratulations! You have chosen a great career! Physician Assistant (Associate) remains one of the best career choices in the nation. The unique personalities and professional abilities of PAs combine to create tremendous financial opportunities! Continue your journey by becoming the best version of yourself and establish a basis of financial education. The PAs Guide To Financial Planning is a one-stop-shop for PAs to begin or improve their personal finances!

Does the PA Profession Have a 2030 Expiration Date?

Physician assistants (PA) are number #1 in healthcare, so getting a job for an experienced PA should be super simple. Right? Maybe not always. My personal awakening to the looming problems in the physician assistant profession came in 2018. I had always enjoyed an easy time finding a position, and …

Physician Assistant vs Physician Associate: The Name Change Debate is Over… For Now

One of the greatest issues facing physician assistants (PAs) is that of a name change. But this isn’t a new dilemma. A vigorous debate has taken place for at least the last 10 years, but in reality, it has been a constant in the profession since PAs really started to …

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